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Sydney Hills Youth Orchestra

Young Virtuosos: The Charismatic Sounds of Young Musicians

Performed by the Sydney Hills Youth Orchestra

Supported by the Hills Shire Council and associated with the Hills Orange Blossom Festival, this concert is a showcase for young musicians of the Sydney Hills Youth Orchestra and the Sydney Hills Junior Orchestra to display their talents to the Hills communities.

YOUNG VIRTUOSOS 2022 is a special training program designed for the exhibition of young musicians' virtuosity. This concert features a group of young musicians to perform solo pieces accompanied by the orchestra. It provides a unique opportunity for young musicians to have their first attempt as a soloist in front of a live audience.


Learning the procedure and etiquette involved in such a performance will bring to young musicians an unforgettable and empowering experience, to elevate their performance qualities and their love and passion for music.

Dates & Times

Fri 9 September, 2022 | 7:30pm


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Student  |  $15
Concession  |  $20
Adult  |  $30

Family  |  $80

SYO event bANNER.jpeg

OBF Family Concert

Sydney Hills Youth & Junior Orchestras

As part of the Hills Shire Council's 2023 Orange Blossom Festival, Listen to the classical symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart and more performed by the talented Sydney Hills Junior Orchestra and Sydney Hills Youth Orchestra.


Sydney Hills

Junior Orchestra

Sydney Hills

Youth Orchestra


Music for String Orchestra


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No.31 in D Major "Paris"

I Allegro assai

II Andantino

III Allegro


Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 2 in D Major Op.36

I Adagio molto, Allegro conbrio

II Larghetto

III Scherzo

IV Allegro molto

Dates & Times

Tuesday, 5 September | 7:30pm


90 minutes



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Adults | $40
Concession | $30
Students | $20

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