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Jatra Pala

Presented by Aangik Theatre Sydney Inc.

Experience an evening of unique story telling through the first ever 'Jatra' performance with live music, on Australian soil. Does love triumph over tyranny? And are the characters really who they say they are?

Witness the tale of a frantic lover and a megalomaniac in an extremely popular form of entertainment called 'Jatra', from the rural hinterlands of Bengal. 


Aangik Theatre Sydney Inc. is a theatre organisation operating with the sole purpose to entertain and passing on the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. The plays are conducted in the world’s 7th most spoken language, Bangla. Since its inception in 2006, Aangik has constantly endeavoured to entertain and support community building while keeping the rich tradition of Bengal alive. Aangik conducts regular theatre workshops aiming to spread the language of expression and building self confidence amongst youngsters.

Dates & Times

Saturday, 12 November | 6:30pm


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